Alkbous Group for Trading, Industry and Investment
Sanaa - Alqasr Street Alqaser Street

Al kabous group is one of the supreme and leading castles of investment in the Middle East and the oldest trading and industrial group in the Republic of Yemen. It all started in 1938 when Haj / Mohammed Hassan Al kabous put the group’s cornerstone in the city of Sanaa through establishing the Yemeni coffee trade business. This coffee business grew and evolved over the decades due to the dedicated efforts of him and his sons, led by the eldest and the group’s Chairman: Professor / Hassan Mohamed Al kabous. Years later, Al Kabous family started to expand and diversify the business activities to several sectors and created distinct strategic locations in order to be near to clients. Al Kabous group’s success and continued growth and its good reputation reflects the excellence of its products quality and efficiency since its inception.


Keywords: Coffee - Juice - Tea – Tanks - Ginger - Power Drinks - Potato

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