About Us:

About Yellow Pages:

The Yellow Pages' company in Yemen is the official publisher for all products that hold the trademarks of Yellow Pages. The Yellow Pages is considered to be the sole owner for the trademarks of Yellow Pages™ in Yemen.
The Yellow Pages is registered by 2/42936 and is a member in the chamber of commerce bearing a membership number 38194, and holds a license for its office number 23853, a license to practice its cultural and touristic business number 01975, and a tax I.D. number 161911.
Since 1883, the Yellow Pages is considered to be the global guidebook in every country, and is the well spread directory that covers all business, commercial, manufacturing, tourism, and service sectors. For this reason the Yellow Pages is considered to be the effective means of communication between the vendor and the purchaser. In January 13 – 2006, the Yellow Pages' company launched its offices and then it released the printed guidebook, CDs, websites, and recently the mobile applications (Android – IPhone).

The Membership of Yellow Pages in The Local Search Association:

The local search association, formerly the Yellow Pages association, is a specialized organization in providing the printed guidebook, e. books, and via the social media, that helps consumers.
Among the members of the association, are the American international Yellow Pages, search engine, adding through the internet, comment sites, digital advertising agencies, and mobile search providers.


The Yellow Pages' Guidebook in Yemen:

The Yellow Pages' guidebook in Yemen is the most affiliated and comprehensive source of information about companies, commercial institutions, and service providers in Yemen. Since 2006, the Yellow Pages' guidebook comprises valuable and accurate information with an advanced search system for business and for companies in Yemen.
On this basis, the Yellow Pages' guidebook is not just a guide, but now it is one of the search engine in Yemen. In addition, in 2017, the Yellow Pages' guidebook is going to print more than 25,000 books; and the millions of pages added for those who browse the website "Yellow.ye" from their P.Cs, laptops, and from their mobile phones. The Yellow Pages' guidebook will be printed in both languages (Arabic – English).

The Printed Guidebook:

This is an annual professional guidebook. It is your special occupational guidebook that provide your names, addresses, phone numbers, of companies, institutions, through all Yemen. It is a well organized guidebook, descripted in both languages (Arabic – English) that will insure for you what you are searching. WHAT IS IN THE GUIDEBOOK? In the guidebook, there's a descriptive means of communication with any company or with any institution that a consumer that a consumer can reach, beginning from hotels, car rents offices, exchanges, clinics, air lines, banks, hospitals, restaurants, and contractors.
All these can be reached by their addresses, mobile phone numbers, and websites. The Yellow Pages' company releases, prints, markets, and distributes the guidebook so as the customer can reach to them easily and to expand the patch of their advertisement in the guidebook.

The Website:

The Yellow.ye website is the database that you can search for companies and institutions in Yemen in all governorates. The first inauguration for "Yellow.ye" was on 13 January 2006, and since then, it became the main reliable source of search for companies' data in Yemen. The website will let you browse free of charge the data of thousands of companies, places, institutions, clinics, touristic sites, etc…. in Yemen. In addition to these, there are certain distinguished offers, for example: the browsers can add their addresses, their phone numbers, and can add and modify their advertisements on the website free of charge. So millions of visitors browse the websites, which will insure the continuous success in directing the purchasers to our advertising clients daily.

Yellow Pages' Applications On IPhone – Android:

Are you stuck in traffic and need to reach any phone number? Have you heard about a new restaurant or a new clothes store and you need their addresses? Are you looking for pharmacies or doctors near you? Are you looking for a bank or a restaurant or a trade center near you?

Just stop and look it up in the Yellow Pages' guidebook. The most reliable and descriptive business directory in Yemen. The Yellow Pages' guidebook in Yemen is distinguished for its simple use; let you know the main commercial business sectors and the important sights near you. To visit the website of the Yellow Pages, simply just type "Yellow.ye" on your mobile phone, or on any other computer that has internet or down load the free application for IPhone – Androids, and you can reach to thousands of commercial sector's phone numbers, addresses, links, and maps……. anything anywhere. The apps are going to launched after the release of the printed guidebook.

Why Do You Choose Us?

  • We offer you searching means based on "keywords" used by the users to browse the internet. Therefore, your company needs keywords to submit the best description for your product and for the service support you provide. Push your company to the heart of scene, where millions of purchasers visit.
  • Because of our wide expansion, we have many purchasers that insures the effective promotion for your products and for the service support that will increase your selling.
  • The rush towards mobile phones is increasing, and we have the required necessary experience to insure and show your company in an ideal way for millions on their mobile phones and on their portable devices.
  • We have the ability in helping you to give the awareness about your trademarks via the various size of the amazing advertisements. In addition, where we can advertise on our partners' accounts, like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Why Do You Advertise With Us?

Because of these reasons:
  • Globally, more than 65 million of purchasers use the Yellow Pages' website monthly.
  • Visitors of Yellow Pages' website are not just visitors, but they are purchasers.
  • 84% of Yellow Pages' visitors call back the company they have got on the website.
  • 73% of Yellow Pages' visitors decide to purchase from the company they called through the website.
  • 44% among those who get you on the guidebook are new purchasers.
  • 56% among those who get you on the guidebook are going to be your constant purchasers.
  • Advertising on our website in Yemen is cheaper than any other place.
  • 86% of the investment in Yellow Pages will lead to take the action of purchasing.
  • The Yellow Pages' website is the search engine for business in Yemen. There's no other search engine that can provide local data and service support like Yellow Pages.
  • The Yellow Pages' products are ceaseless – 24 hours available per day – 7 days per week – 365 days per year.
  • Our company will raise your investments to reach to a large number of purchasers locally and globally too.

Add Your Company On Yellow Pages Free of Charge:

You are in need to add your business on our website free of charge. You can add information like (name of your company, address, phone number) on Yellow Pages' guidebook in Yemen.
Simply go to our website "Yellow.ye" and click the link "get free listing link" and fill up the form free of charge. This will help the purchasers to get you specially when they are looking for your products and for the service support you are providing. And also the SMS search service.

Advertise With Us:

We provide you a variety of choices for granting your advertisement needs. We believe that when we let many people see your advertisement, we are not only increasing the rate of your business and introduce your company, and we are participating in making your current customers, faithful for your trademark.
Many of the effective and cheap advertisements are available in our guidebook and on our accounts on the internet and mobiles to create commercial and investment chances in Yemen and abroad. From your annual subscription, we allow the companies to add their products and let the customer get the (product – service support) easily.
Being subscribed with us as a sponsor, you will get the chance to be on the front and reserve pages on our main page of the website account. You will have the priority to be displayed when customers search. Your company is going to be the leader in categorization; and let your company be the leader.

The Yellow Pages, Provide Many Supports For Paid Annual Subscription As Follows:

  • The company is displayed as a distinguished one and as the leading companies.
  • Specialize a keyword for all companies, that will let the company to be seen as the leader on the international search engines.
  • Adding the website of the company will increase the number of visitors for the website.
  • Specify three classification for all companies that might be displayed.
  • Adding the company's product, service supports in the form of texts.
  • Adding the company's communication information by specializing a special field to communicate.
  • Specializing a page for products and supports, a definite number of products are displayed here.
  • Adding special information for all products, like technical description, extra photos or videos about the (product – service support).
  • Adding all the events and the occasions concerning the company.

How to Order The Printed Yellow Pages' Guidebook:

Hurry up to add your company and institution in our guidebook that will released soon, as one of the biggest directory categorized through a list of companies, service providers in Yemen.
You can get a commercial copy of the Yellow Pages' guidebook, that will be released in both languages (Arabic – English), and will cover the whole Yemen. So please call us or send us an email requesting it and we will deliver it and bring it to your door.

How to Contact Us:

It's easy to contact us either by email or by phone, please see the contact details below:

Email: info@yellowpagesyemen.directory - sales@yellowpagesyemen.directory

Calls: +967 1 207854

Mobile : +967 734777790

Address : Republic of Yemen - Sana'a - West Ring Road, Intersect Nouakchott Street